Chateau D'Arlens

Château d’Arlens sits on its own promontory of land, surrounded by its own 63 hectares of woods and farmland, looking south over the rolling Gascon countryside down as far as the Pyrenees in the distance.

Chateau for weddings and dancing   Chateau Bed & Breakfast

The tranquillity of Arlens is magical and resourceful.... We keep returning to Arlens to unwind. At first it took 2 days, now it doesn’t even take 2hrs. We are unwound the minute we turn into the drive! We go home feeling ready to tackle the world but a bit with the feeling that we are going back to school....Charlie and Liz.

There was a house on the hill centuries ago but history dates back to 1666 when it was inhabited by a nobleman, Dominique d’Esparbes and his family until the Revolution. After 1789 it had a checkered history until it was restored and virtually rebuilt by a local family from Plaisance in the 1850s. The ‘de Saint Julien’ family lived and loved the chateau from 1941 enjoying its peacefulness as well as it ability to host parties. The Earl and Countess of Mayo fell in love with Arlens in 1989 and threw open its doors to private house guests almost immediately. Their son, Jem, was two and went straight into local education. We knew he had become bilingual when he said after a couple of weeks ‘mais non, maman!’

Lounge accomodation    Dinning Room Accomodation

The Chateau has an air of non-fussy elegance and is comfortable furnished. An easy going family atmosphere pervades the whole house, guests are encouraged to relax, help themselves to drinks, treat the place like home and to come and go as they please.

The chateau has 3 floors

Ground floor with snooker room, occasional bedrooms, offices, laundry, boot room etc.

Main floor with extensive drawing room and wood paneled dining room, 2 bedrooms/bathrooms, well stocked library, large day room with giant fireplace and doors opening out onto the terraces and gardens

Top floor with 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Bedrooms and beds are arranged according to the families that stay as some are en suite with bathrooms, some have king size beds, some have single beds etc. All rooms are very individual.

No two rooms are the same.

Luxurious Bedroom Accomodation    Home from home bed and breakfast

The front of the house looks over a lawn framed by mature trees with uninterrupted views. On the side of the house a series of terraces lead to the pool (12m x 6m) enclosed by an elaegnus hedge. Surrounding the pool are lawns with large shrub roses, beyond which is the artificial grass tennis court and the orchard.

Chateau lounge

Eating at ARLENS may wish to join us for a meal. Depending on the season and the occasion, meals are partaken either in the formal dining room, in the day room, or outside on the terrace or under the pergola.

Outside meal in Gers sunshine